Enchant is an established Irish fashion and beauty brand.  With a passion for luxury, we believe every woman deserves to feel a million dollars.

In 2010, Enchant Beauty was born with the opening of a warm, friendly and relaxing salon to help you unwind and take a break from your busy lives.  As the salon grew into a busier environment, within 4 years we opened Enchant Sanctuary to offer our customers more tranquillity, when desired.

Enchant’s expansion from a beauty salon and sanctuary to a bespoke product offering started off gradually.  In 2019, we introduced our collection of hairbands, with great success.  As demand grew for more products, we created a line that offers luxury at an affordable price.

A culmination of eight years of experience in the beauty industry led Enchant to create its own unique line of beauty products.  The bespoke range is the result of creativity, testing and development.  We are always focusing on you, our customers.

In the background, since late 2019, we have been responding to your requests.  We’ve been busy researching and carefully selecting products, and, finally, adding to our expanding range.  Now more than ever, we are listening to you with your wellbeing in mind.  We never stop considering what you might need next, be it a home pampering kit, sunglasses to protect your vision while out for a walk, or a relaxing facemask after a long day.

In 2020, we launched the next phase of the Enchant product line.  True to our brand, our product range is affordable luxury.  It is uplifting and charming, no less than you deserve.  It embodies the feeling you get when you open your purchase, or a surprise gift arrives.  We are always thinking ahead, and our aim is to meet your needs.  The Enchant range has been developed over time to reflect your preferences.  It doesn’t stop there; we know tastes change and we are always adding to our offering based on the feedback we receive from you.

It has never been more important to look after ourselves.  With the Enchant product line, we can feel a million dollars without having to leave the comfort and safety of our homes.