“The Leader in Laser Hair Removal”

Rapido Laser hair removal is one of the fastest methods of laser hair removal on the market, it works on black, brown, blonde, white and red hair. Treatments are done every 6 weeks, courses can vary from 6 plus treatments depending on the colour pigment and the area being treated. Consultations are  recommended to guide you through the procedure involved. Rapido Laser hair removal is pain free and there is no down time post treatments. When using our system you can have a tan, or get a tan between treatments.

Rapido Laser hair removal sends laser beams down the hair follicle to the papilla and kills off the blood supply going to the hair, when this happens in the anagen stage of the hair growth this hair will not grow back as we have 3 stages in hair growth this why we need a course of laser treatments, eventually getting each hair in the anagen stage of hair growth and resulting in a 95% reduction in hair growth.


Full Arm – was €90  NOW €79

Full Leg – was €119  NOW €99

Half Leg, Any Bikini (and free underarm) – was €169  NOW €135

Full Leg, Any Bikini (and free underarm) – was €189  NOW €154

Bikini – from €70

Any Bikini & Underarm – was €85  NOW €75

Lip – was €23 NOW €19

Lip & Chin – was €45  NOW €29


Center Brow – was €40  NOW €35

Full Beard incl. Neck – was €85  NOW €80

Upper Cheeks – was €40  NOW €35

Back or Chest – was €85  NOW €75

Chest & Stomach – was €120  NOW €109

Full Back & Chest – was €170  NOW €140

Full Back & Shoulders – was €120  NOW €109

Please Note: All prices are per session based on a course of 6 treatments.

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