1 Treatment – €160

3 Treatments– €450

5 Treatments– €700


Thermashape is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that effectively eliminates subtle signs of ageing in the face. Thermashape is used to smooth out wrinkles, tighten the skin, and redefine facial contours. During the Thermashape procedure, high levels of heat are applied to the area being treated using radio frequency energy. During the healing process, collagen rebuilds itself and tightens the skin continuing to work up to six months after the treatment.

How does it work?

Thermashape works beneath the outer layer of your skin. It stimulates natural collagen production safely using FDA approved Radio frequency technology to tighten the skin to eliminates subtle signs of ageing on the face and chin area there by creating a visible lift – without the need for surgery. This application of heat to the dermis causes an immediate collagen contraction, and gradual collagen tightening to lift the skin. Over time, the collagen rebuilds itself, and causes the skin to tighten, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.


• No cuts to the skin

• No downtime time

• Noticeable results

• Effective and results driven

The Thermashape procedure usually takes 1 hour. Thermashape is one of the most effective non surgical anti ageing treatments in the cosmetics industry. It is recommended to do weekly until desired results are achieved.

Thermashape skin tightening is excellent for contouring the face and tightening the jaw line, enhancing the cheek bones, lifting hooded eyes and excellent for double chins or loose skin. A course of treatments can take years off a person in a few weeks.

Thermashape skin rejuvenation can be used for redness, pigmentation, acne scarring or scarring and skin brightening.

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We offer Bespoke Facials that yield remarkable results. All of the facials are tailored to target your specific concern or aim.

Deesse Pro – The original market leading LED Phototherapy Mask

1 Session – €80

3 Sessions – €215

5 Sessions – €340

A targeted LED treatment that yields remarkable results for facial conditions such as; acne, rosacea, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. The Deesse Pro LED provides a safe, pain free way to achieve naturally vibrant, cleaner and luminous skin.

The device uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) by way of medical grade, surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’S) to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of lights, delivered at safe therapeutic doses. Deesse Pro will stimulate natural cellular responses which lead to skin rejuvenation.

The Deese Pro has eight different modes that clinically designed to treat different conditions.

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Results Driven
Clinically proven
Luxury Cosmeceuticals

Formulated usingonly the highest pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients, iSCLINICAL®is a globally acclaimed range of clinically proven luxury prescriptive cosmeceuticals. Developed by a leading anti-aging clinical team the brand prides itself on its global approach to R&D, which enables the unique ability to combine traditional botanical medicine with advanced technological formulation expertise. The range features clinically proven and highly effective formulations and home care systems for treating medical skincare conditions such as Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Scar management and Rosacea as well as offering exceptional results within in anti ageing.

Deesse Pro & Fire & Ice Resurfacing BESPOKE TREATMENT – Special Offer €99 Normally €150

Combine the incredible Fire & Ice Resurfacing treatment with the amazing powers of Deesse Pro – The Original LED Phototherapy Mask. Achieve maximum results with ZERO downtime This bespoke treatment yields remarkable results in a safe and pain free way. The Deesse Pro uses clinically proven wavelengths of light to stimulate natural cellular responses which force you skin to behave in a particular way and lead to skin rejuvenation. The Deesse Pro has eight different modes that are clinically designed to treat different conditions. The Fire & Ice Medi Facial is clinically formulated ingredients designed to rapidly and safely resurface your skin. When these 2 treatments are combined the result is a powerful and effective treatment.
Ideal for
– Red carpet events
– Problematic Skin
– Dehydrated skin
– Uneven complexions
– Restoring luminosity
– Hyper pigmentation

Your treatment will begin with a consultation with your therapist to assess your skins needs and your priorities for your skin. This will allow your therapist to create a bespoke facial to suit your skin.

Foaming Enzyme Optimising Treatment Facial – €60

Results Driven

Designed to revive tired and congested skin, this results driven treatment facial features a powerful yet soothing Foaming Enzyme Masque system, combining papaya & pineapple enzymes with a potent clinical level grade of glycolic acid. This professional treatment produces a luxurious foaming activity while the bio active ingredients exfoliate and deep cleanse the pores to reveal a polished radiant complexion. An intense revitalising masque, copper firming mist and combination of the highest grade pharmaceutical strength complexes and serums are incorporated with a blend of massage techniques to reveal brighter, re-energized and tighter radiant skin.

Fire & Ice Facial – Clinical Innovative Skin Care – €70

A firm favourate  with Hollywoods top names including Halle Berry, Rosie Huntington-Whitely & Gwyneth Paltrow. This intensive medi-facial is clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal.

Ideal for: Red Carpets Events, Problematic Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Uneven Complexions, Restoring Luminosity, Hyperpigmentation

Achieve maximum results by combining the remarkable Fire and Ice Resurfacing Treatment and the power of Deesse Pro LED Phototherapy  Mask. Speak to one of our skin specialist about combining these 2 treatments to create a powerful and effective treatment tailored specifically to your skin types.

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Deep Back Cleanse (50 munites) – €45

An ideal treatment for problematic skin, but also lovely treat for this much neglected and hard to reach area. The back is deep cleansed, body brushed, and exfoliated to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal; then calmed and relaxed with a luxurious aromatherapy massage. A final application of light moisturising balm will ensure the skin is left soft, smooth, and revitalised.

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Soin Coup D’eclat – Boost of Radiance Treatment (1 hour) – €70

Erase traces of fatigue, refreshes your skin and gives it an immediate boost of radiance.

Soin Peeling Eclaircissant – Lightening Peeling Treatment (1 hour 15 mins) – €80

Advanced Medi Facial & LED smoothes skin texture and visibly fades dark spots for a more even radiant complexion.

Haute Couture – Skin Treatment (1 treatment) – €95

Bespoke facial treatment tailored to your specific skin concerns. It harnesses the luxury of Codage and the powerful effects of LED Phototherapy. It rejuvenates tired, dull skin leaving it radiant and glowing.

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